The delicious mysteries of Toffee


Everything that you did not know about your favourite

Toffee, Who would say no to sweets right? The yummy memories that filled the taste buds with nothing but overwhelming sweetness!! I could just throw myself back up in a candy jar and eat a mouthful of toffees. But with age, many of us were forced to believe that they are not good for our health. Well yeah, those sweet memories simply drifted away from us since the development of technology and people believing that sweet is actually the devil in disguise!

Remember those childhood memories when any single good deed was rewarded with a toffee? Our teachers used to give us two if we were well – behaved. Our parents treated us some when we did our homework and helped her with the household tasks. Even the eye doctor used to hand us one when we helped him with the checking. Only the dentist would say no…

Oh, the memories!

But is it just a candy wrapped in a paper or is there more? Is it really harmful to our health or are we allowed eating some? Who actually made these first? What are its health benefits?

These questions should definitely be popping in your head since you are a grown up and is used to logical thinking.

I have brought you the answers to these questions and am going to forever relieve you from the doubts that you are having.

So, read on and find out everything that you did not know about your childhood favourite.

Introduction to the sweet world of Toffees


Welcome to the world that kids love and some grownups too (well, not all but people like me are definitely in the list).

We shall talk about this world – famous drop from heaven that we all enjoyed since we were like five or six. I cannot actually remember, but I am certain I loved them from day one!

Well, the history of them is quite unknown given that the first toffee was made a very, very long time ago. But in the Oxford dictionary the word dates back till 1825, which is almost two – hundred years back. Well, you should understand that it must have dated way back because a word takes enough time to find its way to the dictionary. So, we can assume that it is definitely more than two hundred years in age.

Can you imagine our great ancestors sipping some hot drink with a syrupy bar in their hand?

Even though the country of origin is unknown too, the word is said to be an English dialectic. Hence, we can believe that it has something to do with the very ancient Englishmen. This can also be proved with the fact that butter was plentiful in these areas back then.

How is it made?

I used to believe that these sugary syrupy crunchy bars came from heaven. So, I was used to do a lot of great deals to get one of them. But now I know the recipe, I even try them on my own.

It is a popular sweet that is made using caramel sugar and butter and flour. The entire mixture is then heated to a very high temperature. It takes place until the mixture is hard enough to make into shapes. Then it is allowed to stay for a while to cool and then served.

That is the very basic recipe, but most of them includes many things such as caramel, nuts, resins, almonds, even chocolate and many more.

The famous ones in the world


There is not a single type that is left unloved. Despite the fact that there are many brands and types, people just love them all.

Given here is a list of the most famous types that you can find in the world.

In the 2017 best toffee awards competition, these were the items that won.

  1. EHChocolatier Brown butter
  2. Ava’s premium classic almond
  3. Tomo Dark chocolate
  4. Mel’s Toffee with dark horse brewery raspberry ale
  5. Rossie Rae’s peanut butter and chocolate

They won prizes in many categories that included best ingredients, best taste and rating as well.

However, if you were to try the best sellers, the Amazon list includes;

  1. Enstrom Milk Almond
  2. Edward Mark toffees
  3. Ghirardelli assorts
  4. Mini square pouches

You do not have to look out for these ones special because any type of the candies is best to the taste. But on the other hand, if you have a chance, do not miss an opportunity to feel the tantalizing sugary texture of these best ones in the whole world. They are simply to die for!

Some fun facts that you did not know before!

You sure do know about the taste and stuff, but I bet that you did not know about these facts about this wonderful candy.

Here are some fun facts about toffees which are as wonderful as they are;

  1. The most popular type is the English Toffee, which is an extremely buttery type that is beloved in the US.
  2. The international day for toffees is January 8th – a day that you should definitely celebrate.
  3. June 29th is named as the international Almond Buttercrunch day!
  4. It is believed to have originated from a Creole language, but which one is not known.
  5. The oldest recipes even had rum in it.
  6. The largest piece was formed in 2002 in USA and definitely went down as a Guinness world record.

Health benefits of eating them

I know this is very hard to believe and people are like; do not tell lies.

But this is true! It is absolutely true. These candies also come with a whole lot of benefits to their lovers.

So, we shall now understand their benefits.

  • Since they are made from natural ingredients and hence actually is good to the body.
  • Eating a lot would mean that you get the chance to live longer. Even studies have proven that this is true. But this does not mean that you should be eating one every day. One every two three days would however do no harm.
  • Sugar helps you to keep focus in your activities and will act as an energy boost. With a little piece you get the chance to relieve your stress as well as anger and sadness.
  • It has zero cholesterol and hence frees you from the burden of worrying about possible illnesses.
  • Reduces cardiovascular risks and enhances the blood flow within the body.

Well, now you know some of the very best reasons for not quitting candies but to start eating them more! But keep in mind that these are best in moderate values. Nothing should be eaten too much because overdosing of anything is not good for your body.

Share the joy with your family and make a treat for yourself too!


Here is a simple to follow recipe that you should definitely try at home:

  • ¾ cups of unsalted butter
  • 1 ¾ cups of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup and cider vinegar

You can also add any kinds of nuts, chopped or whole. Even add some chocolate or anything that you think will taste good in your homemade toffee!

The process is very simple; you have to first melt the butter. When it is half way done add everything else and keep melting while stirring constantly. You can get it down when the mixture turns a golden brown and starts to crack a little. If you have any additional items this is the time to add them. Quickly stir and spread as a thin sheet and let it cool.

After cooling you can use it for about a month. Let them to rest in cool, dry places that are free from the reach of air.

A few final words before we move out…

Well, now you know many things with regard to these very wonderful confectionaries. I mean, you know almost everything, right? So now you can freely eat a candy and enjoy your day saying bye to all those stress and anger and harmful mentalities!

Do not forget to live your life to the fullest while enjoying these delights that came from heaven. They are absolutely lovable and are able to change your mood in a fraction of seconds.

Try to live it as sugary as a toffee (wink, wink)!!!